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Geothermal Water Heating

Geothermal Water Heating is becoming more and more popular. Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors was one of the first to do it in the St Louis area. Geothermal water heating is similar to geothermal heating for a home or business. It is the most efficient way to heat hot water. The energy from the sun is absorbed by the ground. This energy is extracted from the ground and put into the hot water. This heat is free, renewable, does not pollute, and there is plenty to go around. In a geothermal water heating system you have a compressor, ground loop, heat exchanger and a pump. If you put one unit of energy into a compressor it will grab 3 free units of energy from the ground then deliver 4 units of energy to the hot water. This is 400% efficient. An electric water heater is 100%, a gas water heater is 70% to 95% efficient. You can’t beat 400% efficient water.



Supplementary Geothermal Water Heat VS Full Capacity

When you buy a geothermal system for your home it typically comes with a desuperheater. A desuperheater is a supplementary water heating system because it can provide most but not all of your hot water. In the hot St Louis summer a geothermal system works in reverse and puts the heat from the house back into the ground. Instead of putting that heat back into the ground it places the heat in your domestic hot water. No energy is wasted with a geothermal system. The desuperheater is a small heat exchanger for heating domestic hot water. The desuperheater water is pumped to a hot water preheat tank. (see below)


The domestic hot water is preheated to 110F by the Geothermal system so when you use hot water your regular water heater is being feed with hot water and it does not have to turn on. A desuperheater can provide hot water 60%-80% of the year. To request a bid for a geothermal water heater, contact the experts at Hoffmann Brothers St Louis Water Heater Contractors.


Full capacity Geothermal

Geothermal water heaters are available in all sizes from Hoffmann Brothers St Louis Water Heater Contractors. They can be used to heat swimming pools, domestic hot water, radiant floors, and can even be used in dehumidification systems for indoor pools. Solar systems are also efficient but the sun is not available all the time. A dedicated full capacity geothermal water heating system can provide all your water heating needs. To request a bid on a full capacity geothermal system, call the expert Water Heater Contractors in St Louis at (314) 664-8574.


Geothermal Domestic Hot Water

Your domestic hot water can be heated with a Geothermal Water heater. Most manufacturers do not allow direct heating of the water and want the domestic water and process water separated. A small plate and frame heat exchanger is used to transfer the heat. This prevents the buildup of calcium in the geothermal water heater and keeps the system operating at peek efficiency. We also use Tank in Tank heat exchangers. The inner tank is stainless steel and contains the domestic hot water and the outer tank contains the process water. This also provides you the proper buffer tank. Hoffmann Brothers recently did a project in the St Louis area that supplied a geothermal water heating system that does domestic hot water, pool heat, floor heat and the reheat for the indoor pool dehumidification system. St Louis Water Heater Contractors can do it all, contact us today at (314) 664-8574.


Geothermal Swimming Pool Heat

Swimming pools can be heated with geothermal water heaters. Pools are a great application for geothermal heating because of the large energy cost. A typical swimming pool uses about $5,000 in gas each year and a geothermal pool heater uses about $1,000 per year in electricity. We strongly encourage automatic pool covers and the pool be kept covered when not in use. The energy savings is tremendous with a pool cover and it also reduces the size of the geothermal water heater by 50%.

Pool heating is typically done in the spring and in the fall. These are the typical times when you do not need your heating or cooling system in your house. When you install a geothermal swimming pool heating system with your home geothermal system some savings can be gained in the loop field.

Swimming pools contain chlorine and the chlorine is hard on the geothermal heat exchanger. We recommend the pool water and process water be separated and a small plate and frame heat exchanger be used to transfer the heat. This will protect the geothermal pool heater from the chlorine and increase equipment life. To get the expert geothermal and water heater technicians out to give you a bid on how you can save money with geothermal swimming pool heat, request a bid or call us at (314) 664-8574.


Geothermal In-Floor Radiant Heat

Hoffmann Brothers installs in-floor radiant heat using geothermal. Nothing is more comfortable than a house with heated floors. Geothermal Radiant floor heating is efficient, comfortable, and quiet. Each room can be individually regulated. These systems can reduce your heating cost by ¼ because ¾ of your heat is coming from the ground. The heat that comes from the ground is free.

Radiant heating systems work on any type of floor. The PEX tubing is installed in a pattern across the floor. Typical spacing is 9” next to the outside walls and 12” in the center of the house. Radiant heating systems work best on Tile floors and do not work as well on carpeted floors. Carpeting is an insulator and slows down the heat transfer into the room. Heat transfers well in tile. Wood is also an insulator. Radiant heat under a wood floor has limits. We are limited to 100F water so the wood is not damaged. This will keep the floor warm, keep you comfortable, and do most of the room heating but under severe cold conditions additional heat may be required.

Again, Radiant floor heating is the most comfortable heat available and using Geothermal as the source provides the most efficient system. To request a bid on a geothermal system, call Hoffmann Brothers St Louis Water Heater Contractors at (314) 664-8574. 



Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Speciailists

Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors are always looking out for our customer’s best interest. We service all brands of water heaters in the St Louis area including State, Noritz, GE, AO Smith, Bradford White, Whirlpool, Rinnai, Paloma, Kenmore, Bosch, and Rheem. We also install and maintain water heaters for you St Louis business or home. Contact Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors today to schedule an estimate on service or a free estimate on a new water heater system.