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Plumbing Repairs & Services

When you need a plumbing repairs or service in your St Louis area home or business, call the expert plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors. There are many types of plumbing repairs and services that we offer. Below are some of the plumbing needs that you may have in your house or business. It is important to have your plumbing systems in good working order that is why we offer fast and professional service. To schedule a plumbing service or repair, request service here or call us at (314) 664-8574

Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets can cause damage to your St Louis business or home, so it is important to call a plumber to get those repaired. Faucets that leak or drip are very common both inside and outside of your home. Hoffmann Brothers can repair or replace kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, hot and cold faucets on your washing machine, and faucets outside your home or business. To request service on your leaky faucet contact us or to learn more about our leaky faucet repairs here.

Water Pipe Repairs
Water pipe leaks are usually best repaired or replaced by a specialized plumber like the ones at Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors. To learn more about how we can fix your water pipe repairs, visit our plumbing website or request service here.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposals can break at any time due to clogs or putting something down the disposal that should not be put down there. When the disposal stops working properly you need a plumber who can fix it and get you up and running again in no time. To learn more about how Hoffmann Brothers plumbing can fix your garbage disposal repair or to request service here.

Tub Repairs

Tub & Shower repairs are a plumbing repair that our Plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers take pride in. To have your shower or tub fixed is an urgency. We can also fix water pressure in the shower head for you as well. Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors & Plumbers can repair these problems. Read more here about tub and shower repairs or request service here..

Sump Pumps

Sump pump repairs can be necessary at the worst times. The last thing you want to happen is for your sump pump to fail when there is a big rain or in the spring time when you need it most. Sump pump repairs can be important for so many reasons. To learn more about sump pump repairs or request service here.

Backflow Testing

St Louis requires Backflow testing for certain areas and locations, and Hoffmann Brothers offers this type of service. It is important to prevent backflow to maintain the high quality water and keep contaminants and pollution out. The plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers are certified and licensed to perform the backflow testing required. To learn more about backflow testing or request a back flow test here.

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing Inspections are usually required when you are purchasing or selling your home in the St Louis area. These plumbing inspections are in addition to home inspections. To have a licensed and trained plumber perform a plumbing inspection in your home, contact Hoffmann Brothers. To learn more about our plumbing inspections read here.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling requires some plumbing such as bathtubs, showers, faucets, toilets, Jacuzzis tubs, and much more. These plumbing systems are best installed, re installed or repaired by a licensed plumber. To learn more about what the plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers can do in a bathroom remodel, visit our bathroom remodeling page or call us at (314) 664-8574.

Water Softeners

Water Treatment & Softeners are important especially in St Charles County, Jefferson County and Franklin county where the water is much harder than normal. Our water treatment can help in so many different ways. To learn more about Hoffmann Brothers water treatment services we offer the St Louis area, visit our water treatment page or request water treatment service here


If we didn’t answer your questions or problems, visit our FAQ page. There are so many plumbing services that are offered. Hoffmann Brothers Plumbing offers so many different services on plumbing systems such as back flow testing, water pipes, water treatment, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, and sump pumps.

Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Speciailists

Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors are always looking out for our customer’s best interest. We service all brands of water heaters in the St Louis area including State, Noritz, GE, AO Smith, Bradford White, Whirlpool, Rinnai, Paloma, Kenmore, Bosch, and Rheem. We also install and maintain water heaters for you St Louis business or home. Contact Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors today to schedule an estimate on service or a free estimate on a new water heater system.