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Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractor Plumbing- Frequently Asked Questions


When can I call Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors?

At Hoffmann Brothers, we know that plumbing emergencies can happen any time! Our plumbers and service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Hoffmann Brothers for plumbing emergencies, or to set up an appointment to have your plumbing system inspected, serviced, and repairs finished!


How do I know if my toilet is leaking?

You can find out if you have a leak in your toilet tank by putting a couple drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and waiting for about 30 minutes. When you check on it, see if there’s any discoloration in the toilet bowl. If there is, call Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors right away! Even a slow leak can double your water usage and costs. Can I prevent a toilet clog? You can help prevent toilet clogs by keeping the toilet lid down and only flushing toilet paper down the toilet. Toilets were not designed to break down diapers, rags, paper towels or feminine hygiene products. Flushing these things can cause your toilet overflow if they get into your pipes.


Why won’t my toilet flush completely?

This is commonly found with new low-flow toilets. You can try and fix this problem yourself by making sure the water is flowing freely and cleaning the entry holes under the toilet rim. If that doesn’t work try adjusting the chain on the flapper to a 1/2'’ of slack or replacing the flapper, if it is worn out. You can always call the plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors if you have any questions or want us to check your toilet!


How do I know if I have a broken or clogged water pipe outside my house?

There are a couple signs that you may have a broken or clogged water pipe. You may see an excessively high water bill, hear the sound of running water- even if no water is being used, or see puddles in your yard. Licensed plumbers from Hoffmann Brothers can look inside your pipes using our video inspection tools. With video inspection technology, we can precisely find the source of your water or drainage pipe clog.


What will a video pipe inspection reveal?

A video pipe inspection will show the Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors the specific location of any plumbing blockage or problem. Video pipe inspections uncover: • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes

• Leaky joints

• Offset or shifted pipes 

• Blockages from grease buildup or foreign objects

• Corrosion

• Root infiltration


If I have an outdoor plumbing problem, will you need to dig up my yard to find the water pipes?

No! The licensed plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers have been trained to locate outdoor drainage and sewage pipes, without causing any disruption to your lawn. With the latest plumbing technologies, we are able to determine the exact location of your water and sewage pipes, before beginning any work.


What should I do if my bathroom sink is clogged?

Over time bathroom sinks will drain more slowly and eventually clog because of hair, body lotions, and soaps collected.  If clearing the debris from the J pipe, after you remove the J pipe with a wrench, doesn’t work- then call the professionals! At Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors, we will send out a plumber with same day service and clear your sink today!


Can I prevent my kitchen drained from becoming clogged?

It’s hard to prevent your kitchen drain from becoming clogged because of all the types of food, grease, soap, and waste being put down the drain. A garbage disposal helps prevent build up in your drainage pipes, but over time the pipes will become more clogged and run more slowly. Call Hoffmann Brothers to remove any debris build up in your kitchen pipes.


What should I do if I smell odors from a floor drain?

Floor drains can be found in laundry rooms, basements, garages, and even outside your home. These drains are designed to remove water from your home. If you are smelling odors from these drains, check to make sure the trap is filled with water. If there is water in the trap but the water is draining slowly, or backing up into your home, then call the plumbers at Hoffmann Brothers. We’ll conduct a video inspection to make sure that your pipes aren’t damaged or corroded and remove any debris blocking the water flow.


Do you clean or replace the filters in my sump pump?

Sump pumps do not have filters.  Water actually enters the sump pump through screens, which can become blocked and clogged. During Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors plumbing inspections, our licensed plumbers clean these filters every time we inspect your sump pump.


How long does a sump pump last?

This will depend on how long the sump pump has to run, and how much water is pumped. With proper maintenance, newer sump pumps can last at least 5 years. Licensed Hoffmann Brothers plumbers recommend replacing the float and switch at least every 2 years.