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Jefferson County: Sizing up the Tankless Water Heater Buy


As for buying a tankless water heater, there is no one-size fits all for Jefferson County households. A few essential rules apply to any homeowner shopping for a suitable on-demand (tankless) water heater.


Why An Accurately Sized Tankless Water Heater Counts?

How much water does your home consume on an average day? When you think of water in your home, calculate the number of your home’s occupants water usage by showers, dishes and laundry loads per week. A precisely sized water heater has the capacity to manage the water demands of your home.


The average person uses six gallons of water a day to shower and clean dishes.


If your home has a high water demand, do certain components of a tankless water heating system accommodate the greater flow rate demand? Using the Noritz luxury model on demand water heater as an example, several parts help accommodate high hot water demands. A dual flame burner, water piping and an advance-designed heat exchanger allows for safe, consistent hot water flow.


Jefferson County Water heating contractors, Hoffmann Brothers: “We qualify water-heating systems by their design features. What material are the water lines? For instance, thicker copper piping supports and preserves hot water flow.


How to Determine if an On Demand System is Energy Efficient?

To ensure for the best energy efficiency and return on investment, shop for water heaters, meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA ) benchmark of an energy efficient tankless water heater. In other words, shop for on demand systems that are EPA compliant.


Noritz tankless water heaters are ENERGY STAR® certified. The on-demand water-heating model exceeds many of the guidelines, demarcated by the EPA. This means that homeowners invest in an on demand water heater that will ultimately pay for itself in energy savings associated with hot water production.


Namely, the Noritz NRC111DV model renders a 93 percent AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), which means Jefferson County homeowners yield an ROI within the first year of the water heating upgrade.


“Based on our years of experience in repairing and installing standard and tankless water heating systems, the Noritz brand has proven to provide our customers with the longest lasting performance,” acknowledges a spokesperson of a water-heating contractor licensed in Jefferson County.  


How many gallons per minute are ideal for a tankless water heater?

Eight plus gallons per minute is a remarkable flow rate for any hot water heater, especially an on demand unit.


If you’re looking for the preferred water heater specialist of Jefferson County, please call us at (314) 664-8574. We’ll customize a tankless hot water system that provides you decades of dependable performance, perpetual hot water, and a return on your investment.


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Water Treatment + Water Heaters Make a Hot Duo


“Water heaters and the appropriate water treatment system make an enduring duo,” says a water-heating contractor in Webster Groves, MO. Quality water influences the performance and longevity of both a standard storage hot water heater and an on-demand water heating system (tankless). The most state of the art water heating system is not impervious to the ramifications of hard water. Calcium, magnesium and other minerals course through the water supply rendering it “hard”.


Redeem $75 savings on your next house call in Webster Groves.

Webster Groves Water Pro: How Hard Water Harms a Water Heating Unit?

Mineral deposits are hazardous to any water heating system. Leaving a residue, which accumulates over time, minerals such as magnesium and calcium can create a blockage

in a hot water heating system.


On a standard hot water heater, an obstruction may cause the storage tank to corrode and ultimately flood. The damage triggered by a flooded water heating system can be insurmountable.


FACTOID: Hoffmann Brothers is the entrusted water heating contractor of Webster Groves (


Water treatments complement an on-demand water heating systems’ functionality.

Even though tankless water heaters are renowned for their energy efficiency, hard water has the ability to hinder its performance. Clogged tankless water lines interrupt water pressure. Because mineral deposits may clog the water lines, a water treatment system is advisable.


“Protect your family’s health with a water treatment system,” recommends a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers Water Heating Specialists.


Even though Missouri regulates strict clean water acts, bacteria and other minerals thrive in our drinking water supply. Various water treatment systems are conducive for filtering out specific contaminants.


Call us at 314.664.8574 for a water treatment recommendation


As licensed plumbers, we have an intimate understanding of water lines, local codes in Webster Groves and water treatment systems. Entrust us with your family’s water heating and treatment solutions.


“Don’t forget to redeem a $75 savings on your next water heater installation in Webster Groves,






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State Water Heater Review, by St. Louis City’s Top Water Heating Pro


“When we install a water heater, we know our customers expect it to operate for many years to come. That’s why we recommend State hot water heaters. The resilient design of these gas water heaters shows a water heating system built to withstand use.


For safety purposes, we highly recommend State Power Vent water heaters. A protected flammable vapor sensor reduces the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning, releasing combustive and flammable vapors into the indoor atmosphere.


Hoffmann Brothers water heating specialists also give the State water heater a positive review because it reduces noxious fumes by a third with its eco-friendly gas burner.


The only way to assure an energy compliant gas water heater is to buy appliances, meeting the latest standards, defined by the ENERGY STAR®   program. A hot water heater with a .70 energy factor (EF) complies with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) benchmark. The State brand of Power Vent meets the DOE’s standards with a .70 EF.


For water heating system installations, repairs and other questions, please bookmark this resource page:


To promote energy efficiency and limit heat loss, this water heater has been designed with two-inch foam.


The State gas water heater, Power Vent model is also extremely flexible. The State water heater arrives with a CSA-certified and ASME-rated T&P relief valve to accommodate hassle free installations. An adjustable height allows for easy installation and repair. The hot water heater assumes three different positions for areas with limited space. Not to mention, the blower design rotates, accommodating installations and repairs (if ever needed).


In conclusion, we stand behind the State brand water heaters because these water heaters are energy efficient, safe and built to last.


When in need of a gas water heater installation, in Saint Louis City please dial





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St. Clair County Report: What to Know About Water Heaters


Unless one plans to become a Master Plumber, do-it-yourself (DIY) hot water heating installations are non-existent in Edwardsville, Collinsville, and other towns of St. Clair County. An exacting standard for plumbing appliance appurtenance devices is the primary reason hot water heater installations involve precise plumbing codes in St. Clair County.


Title 77, chapter of the department of Illinois health mandates a few specifications during the time of a hot water heater replacement or purchase.


Basic Plumbing Codes on Water Heater Installations in St. Clair County

A water specialist renowned for precise hot water heater installations and repairs furnishes this checklist for St. Clair County residents:


A relief valve and pressure relief valve are water heater system requirements at the time of installation.


On a hot water heater, the pressure relief valve has to meet a safety standard, according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) relief rating.


The working pressure rating should never exceed 150 psi; and, have the functionality to open at the water heater's maximum working pressure rating. The water heater's pressure relief valve also must have a test lever.


To prevent scalding injuries, water heaters installed in St. Clair must bear the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) relief rating. The calculation is estimated by dividing the British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat input per hour. The installation specification requires the temperature relief valve to have an immersion within the top 6 inches of the tank or the hottest range of the water temperature.


Depending on the water heater's valve design, there are temperature specifications. A certified water heater technician should know how to adjust the unit’s valve for proper storage.


Some form of energy cut off is a design specification in St. Clair County. The feature must function via the relief discharge outlet, or an instantaneous cut-off device.      


Hoffmann Brothers is the favorite contractor for professional expert, water heater installations in Edwardsville, Collinsville and other towns of St. Clair County,


Please redeem an extra savings on your next water heater installation, repair or service call in St. Clair County.


Additional Hot Water heating resources in St. Clair County Illinois:

Read more on St. Clair County Illinois plumbing codes for safety device regulations on water heater installations.

Water Heater installations in St. Clair,
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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Water Heater Installations


If you are planning to buy a new gas-fired water heater for your Fairview Heights, IL home, now may be a good time to consider relocating the home’s water heater system to another part of the house. If your current gas burning water heater currently resides in the garage, basement or a poorly ventilated space, review these tips on how to install your new water heater in a better location.


“Prior to any hot water heater installation, visit your city or town’s website for codes related to gas fired water heaters, advises a water heating specialist licensed in Fairview Heights, IL.


In Fairview Heights, all gas-fire water heater installations have to be made in accordance with the Laclede Gas Company (, the latest editions of the American National Standard and the National Fuel Gas Code as well as local codes of Madison County.


Fairview Heights Water-Heating Pro Shares How to Properly Install a Gas Water Heater; An Installation Cheat Sheet.


          Location is the most essential aspect of any gas-fired hot water heater installation. The best location for a hot water heater complements its hale life, averting any unforeseen scenarios.


          Bathrooms, bedrooms and enclosed occupied rooms are unsuitable for a gas hot water heater installation.


          The best location to station a gas-fire water heater is in any room where it will not incur exposure to flammable vapors, damage or freezing temperatures. For instance, the basement can be unsuitable for a hot water heater installation because lower level floors are prone to flooding.


          There should be at least a one foot clearance at the top of a gas-fired water heater.


          In garages, homeowners often store propane and gas. These noxious elements emit a fume, which can interact with a poorly ventilated gas-fired hot water heater and become very dangerous.



For safety reasons, gas-fired water heater installations are unsuitable for residential homeowners in Fairview Heights IL and most other U.S. municipalities.


For the easiest approach on how to install a gas hot water heater, please dial 314.664.8574 for service in Fairview Heights, IL .


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Water Heater Specialist Dispels Maintenance Misgivings


Among homeowners and residents, there are several misconceptions regarding water heater maintenance. A plumber, who is licensed in East St. Louis, dispels three common misgivings on hot water heating systems.


Routine Maintenance on Water Heaters

FALSITY: Routine water heater maintenance is unnecessary.

Water heaters necessitate routine maintenance for numerous reasons: to keep a hot water heating system’s warranty active, to ensure top performance and for safety. Here is a checklist on the essentials of routine water heater maintenance.


In the owner’s manual, water heater manufacturers outline proper care instructions. Standard gas burning water heaters call for routine maintenance for numerous safety reasons. Primarily, gas hot water heaters consist of combustive and noxious qualities, which can prove fatal on an improperly maintained water heater.


Secondly, water-heating systems are predisposed to calcium deposits. In the tank, this build up has the capacity to clog and back up, causing the water heater to flood a home.


Read more on water heater maintenance:


Water Heater Maintenance Is No DIY Project


FALSITY: Water heater maintenance is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects in the home.


Water heating maintenance is easy for an engineer, licensed plumber, electrician or heating contractor. However, because the maintenance involves water, electricity and gas, most manufacturers, gas utility companies (i.e. Laclede Gas) and safety advocates recommend not trying it yourself, hire a licensed water heater contractor.



Hiring a Water Heater Specialist


FALSITY: When it comes to finding a licensed water heater repair specialist, it’s hard finding a contractor experienced in repairing a variety of models. Most water heater experts are familiar with a variety of water heater models and brands. In East St. Louis, Hoffmann Brothers water heating specialists fix hot water heaters designed by almost every manufacturer.



In fact, the East St. Louis licensed water heater specialist honors service calls any time of day. Whether you are in need of an urgent hot water heater repair or to schedule a routine maintenance on water heaters call Hoffmann Brother
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Best Gas Storage Water Heater Installation Procedures


Ever wonder why the DIY Network, HGTV and other home design channels rarely tackle standard hot water heater installations? As gas hot water heater installations are susceptible to combustion and other hazardous effects, these installations are not DIY projects. In fact, there are several places in the home suitable and unsuitable for a hot water heater installation,” warns a Saint Louis water-heating specialist.


St. Louis Water Heater Contractor: Where to Install a Water Heater

According to a spokesperson of a water heating service company in Saint Louis, “A water heater installation entails applying the codes defined by the National Fuel Code ANSI Z223.1 and other related guidelines.”


  1. A gas hot water storage system should never be installed if any parts appear broken or damaged.
  2. To conserve interior space, some St. Louis households choose the garage as the site for a new water heater installation.
  3. The water heater should be placed far away from a vehicle’s exhaust system. As a general rule, a gas powered hot water heater should live far from fossil fuels, (i.e.: gas, propane), paint and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


  1. Never place or store any other appliance, item or material against a hot water heater.


  1. It is not advisable to store a water heater in proximity to any water lines exposed to freezing temperatures.


  1. The hot water heating system should be placed away from water pipes where condensation could drip onto a water heater’s controls during warm, muggy days in Saint Louis.
  1. NOTEWORTHY: Personal injury, property damage and even death are the byproducts of an improperly installed water heater.


  1. Basements, ground level crawl spaces, and other confined areas act as a repository for propane gas and liquefied petroleum gases and gas leaks.

  2. Another important factor worth noting is that hot water heater warranties are nullified when owners do not follow user instructions.
  1. Hoffmann Brothers water heating contractors are the water-heating specialists of Saint Louis City and County. Stash this coupon on your next hot water heater installation in east Missouri.


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Four Things to Know Before Hiring a Water Heater Specialist


Hiring a water heater contractor accompanies a few uncertainties. Whether one resides in Des Peres, MO or Edwardsville, IL, there are four things to know about hiring a water-heating specialist.


How to Qualify a Des Peres MO Water Heating Specialist

Foremost, is the water-heating specialist licensed in Des Peres MO? Because of Missouri Clean Drinking Water Act, contractors, who manage water lines, have to meet specific credentials and qualifications.



How long has the plumber or water-heating specialist held his or her license in Des Peres? Hire contractors who garner a longstanding reputation.


Which of the water heater manufacturers does the company have experience installing and repairing? Most water heater specialists specialize in repairing one kind of hot water heater brand.


Because Hoffmann Brothers has decades of experience, we repair all brands of water heaters.


When scheduling a water-heating repair ask for a technician who is certified by your water heating system’s manufacturer.


Hiring protocol

What is the water heating company’s hiring standards and protocol? Some plumbing companies make plumbing referrals to other individual contractors *(who may or may not be licensed to service Des Peres MO residential properties).


What type of tests does the water-heating contractor have to pass before being hired?

One water heater specialist company of Des Peres puts its job candidates through a rigorous hiring process.


“Because we value our customers, every applicant has to pass specific industry testing.

We also conduct a background check as well as drug testing. In fact most of our employees graduated from the most prestigious colleges, universities and trades schools in Missouri,” admits a spokeswoman of the water heating company, Hoffmann Brothers.


Water Heating Certification

Is the water-heating specialist a distributor or authorized agent of any specific water heating manufacturers? Be sure to inquire why the water-heating specialist recommends a specific make of hot water heaters.


Since, most standard and on demand water heaters include a parts and service warranty, it’s a good idea to choose a plumber or water heater contractor aligned with the best hot water heating products.


Water Heating Service-Call Discounts

Does the water heating specialist offer any special discounts or promotions?

Even though the dispatcher of a water heating company may not disclose any deals, or special pricing, always check the company’s website for discounts. See this URL address: for a discount on your next service call in Des Peres MO.




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Water Heating Specialist: Dishwasher DIY Advice


Syncing the Dishwasher + Hot Water Heater

How do you determine if the water supply generating through your dishwasher is hot enough?

Test the water temperature of your hot water tap; place a thermometer under the hot water faucet for at least two minutes. The reading should register between 135 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Fix: If the temperature is below the target level, turn the temperature dial up on the water heater system. If the water heater is not producing hot water, hire a plumber or licensed water-heating specialist.


If the water heater is not working, check the connections. If it still does not work, read more on water heaters


What does it mean when the dishwasher is emitting excessive noise?

Dishwashers are plagued by many sounds. Most are harmless and related to how the dishwasher is filled. Other noises often indicate that a part may be worn.


The fix: To avoid injury or a burn, inspect the interior of the dishwasher when it cooled completely. Remove any food particles or other items in the dishwasher’s basin (i.e. loose silverware, bones, and seeds, etc.). If you don’t find any loose particles, clear out all elements trapped in the dishwasher’s drain filter.


If the noise continues, sounding more like a thump, the problem could stem from water inlet valve being laden with debris.


The fix: Refer to the dishwasher manual to locate the water inlet valve and remove any particles.  



“We’re not only a preferred contractor for water heater repairs and replacements in Creve Coeur (, we’re also licensed plumbers. We repair water heaters, replace pumps and make other water pipe repairs related to a home’s plumbing system,” states a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers.


What causes the water to back up in a dishwasher?

Even though some dishwashers do not drain completely, they should never retain water. Nevertheless, this problem has nothing to do with the hot water heater.


The fix: Check drains for a blockage and examine the drain hose for damage.

If all looks clear, a new pump or even a whole dishwasher replacement may be in order.

Either way, delegate the repair to a licensed plumber or certified technician, respectively.


Creve Coeur residents rely on one name for water heater and plumbing repairs: Hoffmann Brothers.


Claim an extra savings, on your next water heating house call in Creve Coeur.





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Tankless Water Heating Contractor Reviews the Noritz EXTR40


The following tankless water heater review of the Noritz EZTR40, is provided by Hoffmann Brothers, a water heating specialist licensed in the Chesterfield MO.


Noritz EXTR40 Review


Fuss free installation.

The Noritz EXTR40 tankless water heating system appeals to Chesterfield homeowners who prefer a fuss-free installation. As far as tankless water heating system installations go, the Noritz EXTR40 offers the least requirements. The Noritz EXTR40 replacement is a matter of changing out the gas pipe and water lines connected to the old gas-fired water heater.


Because the EZTR40 houses water lines in the same vicinity as a standard hot water heater, the tankless water heater does not come with the same labor and installation costs as other on-demand units.


“We don’t endorse the Noritz brand of tank-less water heater systems because we’re an authorized contractor. We stand by the brand for its reliable performance, energy conservation and meticulous engineering”, asserts a spokesperson of a Chesterfield water heating company.


The pricing

When it comes to upgrading to a tankless water heater, affordability is a deterrent for some Chesterfield homeowners. Under $1500, the Noritz EZTR40 is among the most economically priced tankless hot water units on the market.


NOTEWORTHY: Some Chesterfield residents have reduced their water heating utility costs by 30 percent.


The Noritz EZTR40 recoups its price within the first two years of ownership. “And when Chesterfield homeowners redeem the rebates offered by local utility companies, Laclede and Ameren, the tankless water heater yields an ROI in a very short time,” acknowledges a spokesperson employed at that water heating contractor licensed in Chesterfield MO ( ).


If you’re considering a tankless hot water system, Hoffmann Brothers is the trusted water-heating specialist of Chesterfield. MO.


Please redeem one of our coupons on your next water heater service call in Chesterfield.

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Four Easy Water Related Improvements


Ballwin water heater specialist itemizes easy water related improvements to make around the home.


Four simple tactics improve the average Ballwin, MO. homeowner’s water quality; extend a water heater’s life cycle; curtail water waste; and eliminate corrosive water lines. Hoffmann Brothers, a preferred contractor for hot water heater and plumbing services in Ballwin— reviews a few improvement tips regarding your household’s water supply and resources.


Extend the water heater’s life cycle…

Follow the instructions published in the user guide supplied with your water heating system. Depending on your home’s water quality and hot water heater tank, bi-annual flushing may be in order to reduce sediment accumulation. Moreover, certain standard gas hot water storage heaters live longer with a regular maintenance schedule.


“Always set the hot water heater on vacation if your home will be unoccupied for more than 72 hours,” recommends a water heater contractor licensed in Ballwin MO.


Cut water waste by…

Replacing bathroom showerheads and kitchen faucets with low flow plumbing fixtures definitively curtails water waste. Because these water fixtures have to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense ® faucet standards (, water faucets have to release a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM).


Please visit to review additional specifications of low flow water faucets.


Improve water quality by…

Treating your home’s water heating system with the appropriate application serves as an approach to avoid carcinogens. Find out which microorganisms, minerals and other elements plague your water system Then, hire a water heater contractor in Ballwin ( to install the water system.


Prevent the side effects of bad water pipes…

Plumbing inspections diagnose the health of home’s water pipes. Using a fiber optic video, a plumber will check for corrosion, tiny leaks to piping and solder materials to determine if pipes are susceptible to other plumbing problems.


Don’t forget to show this coupon on your next water heater service call in Ballwin (314) 664-8574.


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Why Clean Drinking Water Isn’t Overrated


Ladue Hot Water Specialist Reviews 7 Water Contaminants

In the city of Ladue, MO clean, healthy drinking water reigns among the resident’s top priorities, same as in any other city in America. Many cities in southeast Missouri conduct more than 150,000 water contamination evaluations each year.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates water contamination limitations. From minerals to poisonous elements, seven impurities can promote medical conditions.


7 Impurities Taint Safe Drinking Water Quality

Some municipalities use certain elements to disinfect local drinking water, which have been linked to chronic illness. For instance, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ((EPA) finds certain levels of disinfectants, inorganic chemicals, microorganisms, organic chemicals, and radionuclides to be acceptable in drinking water.


With excessive ingestion, over time, some of these seven elements could be detrimental.



Bromate, a substance used for disinfecting, has been found to heighten the risk of cancer.



Associated with kidney damage, cadmium levels of .005 MCL and more are hazardous.

Cadmium is associated with the corrosion of galvanized pipes and other naturally occurring elements.


Further information can be found at: Missouri Water



The water additive, Chlorine as CL2 disinfects water to control microbes. At the same token, in World War I—the gas was used as a killer. Nevertheless, CL2 has been linked to abdominal discomfort, anemia and eye and nose irritations.



The EPA allows a .08 MCL level of chlorite. Because chlorite is a salt acid of sorts, it is tolerated in community water systems to disinfect the water supply. However, in infants and young children, the contaminant can damage the nervous system.



Did you know standard hot water heaters are predisposed to sediment accumulation (calcium, magnesium) due to untreated water?







Cyanide levels below .2 MCL are permissible in drinking water. Plastic fabricators, metal and fertilizer plants are the source of cyanide in the water supply. Excessive levels trigger thyroid disorders and nerve damage.



Mercury is another reoccurring substance found in the clean water supply. Although the EPA allows small traces of the inorganic substance, excessive exposure leads to kidney damage.


Nitrate and Nitrite

Levels exceeding the EPA’s standard of acceptable nitrate and nitrite can be lethal in Ladue MO households with infants (six months and under). The chemical is derived from leaking septic tanks, sewage and fertilizer run off. Blue baby syndrome and a shortness of breath have been linked to nitrate and nitrite ingestion.



For water treatment and hot water replacements in Ladue MO, bookmark this page:



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What Safety Parts to Shop for in a New Water Heater?


Kirkwood MO Water Heater Specialist Offers Consumer Tips

When it comes to buying a new standard hot water heater, most Kirkwood consumers focus on price, water capacity, and the water heating system’s warranty. Because global warming and conservation have been dominating current events, more consumers are focusing on energy savings over safety. But according to Hoffmann Brothers Water Heating Specialists, three safety features should not be overlooked.


Water-heating engineering changed when the US. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published new energy standards and protocols. The DOE and EPA developed manufacturing specifications from the energy factor (EF) to safety.


We consider State and Noritz to be among the leading manufacturers of standard and tankless water heating systems, respectively.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) institutes manufacturing guidelines for water heating appliances. While all water-heating systems have to meet the ANSI’s standards, only a few top of the line water heaters really go the distance in energy efficiency, safety and longevity.


On today’s water heating systems, numerous features comprise safety. Among all the safety features available on a standard hot water heating system, a thermal cutoff is by far the most important. Functioning as a safety mechanism, a thermal cutoff detects when a gas water heater reaches insufficient levels of combustion air in the chamber.


Self automated shut down.

A self-automated mechanism that powers down when it detects an overload of carbon monoxide represents another built in safety mechanism on a hot water heater.

This feature is on most State brand water heating systems. Please visit to compare models.



Flammable vapor ignition resistance (FVIR) affords another critical safety feature to shop for in a water heating system.


In addition to incorporating components that prevent combustion, flammable scenarios and carbon monoxide poisoning, gas-tank water heaters have to meet the standards and testing protocols developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


Need advice on your next water heater buy in Kirkwood, MO? We have loads of free, expert advice at 314.664.8574.

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Fairview Heights Water Heater Contractor: The Cold Reality on Water


What to Know About Cold and Hot Water?

From November through March, many St. Clair County and Fairview Heights citizens face a cold reality: water needs time to warm up. Energy waste is generally a common side effect of a standard gas water storage tank.


Numerous Fairview Heights homeowners make the mistake of turning up the hot water heater’s temperature, in an effort to offset water waste. Turning up the thermostat’s water temperature to 140° degrees Fahrenheit, is far more dangerous than it is energy efficient. It takes less than five seconds to suffer from a scalding hot water burn.


Why Hot Water Heaters Cool Down?

Overnight a standard hot water cools down. Despite a well-insulated tank and pipes, water inevitably loses its heat; hence the wait.


How to Defend Against Cold Water Syndrome?



Some hardware experts recommend a slip-on foam to insulate the water lines of older water tanks, and other water pipes, located near or bordering an outside wall.

Even with water pipe insulation, initial water flow ranges from 68° degrees Fahrenheit to room temperature.


However, on a State hot water heater system and other new hot water heater models, insulation is unnecessary, as these water heaters are designed with thick metal water lines.



Tankless water heaters deliver hot water as needed, when needed. Because hot water is merely instantaneous, the water heating system’s technology reduces water waste. During the sultry summers in Fairview Heights, properties equipped with a tankless water heater and desuperheater attains the added benefit of free hot water supply.


As a result, the average Noritz tankless water heater yields a return on investment within the first seven years. See these facts on tankless water heater systems.


Hoffmann Brothers Water Heater Contractors match Fairview Heights’ homeowners with tankless water heating systems, designed to fit their hot water needs, household budget and energy conservation goals.


Further readings:


Fairview Heights Water Heater Contractor:



See these examples of State hot water heaters.


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Six Noteworthy Warnings on Water Heater Systems



Madison County Gas Water Heater Pro Cites Safety Tips

Madison County's preferred water heater repair service itemizes a handful of safety warnings pertaining to any gas water heater system.


1) An improper gas water heater installation and even a faulty repair have the capacity to cause catastrophic outcome. Asphyxiation from carbon monoxide poisoning, an explosion, fire and other hazardous incidences can occur when a gas water heater is improperly installed. The damage could ultimately lead to property damage, injury or even death, in Madison County.


2) A gas water heater necessitates precise air supply, including installation of a draft hood for venting to the outdoors. Some manufacturers, such as State Water Heaters, advise homeowners to have the gas water heater inspected on an annual basis.


That's why hiring a licensed water heater specialist in Madison County is not a light decision.


3) Noxious vapors are invisible and denser than air. Fumes can waft from room-to-room by way of air currents to the pilot of a gas water heater. Never store any flammable liquid or vapor within a six-foot proximity of a gas water heater. Specifically, paint, gasoline, propane, adhesives, bleach, or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) should never be used or stored near a gas water heater.


4) Whenever the odor of gas is present, never light a cigarette, ignite a pilot light or even make contact with any electrical switch.


5) "Always leave your Madison County home to report the smell of a gas leak. Using any item, including a phone could inflame the situation," advises a water-heating specialist of Hoffmann Brothers.


6) Report the smell of a gas to your gas utility company.   In the event they are unable to respond call the fire department.


Some gas suppliers of Southeast Missouri outsource gas inspections to licensed HVAC-R companies, such as Hoffmann Brothers.


The residents of Madison County rely on Hoffmann Brothers Water Heating Specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Add this URL address: to your bookmarks.




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Jefferson County Contractor: How to Lower Water Utility Costs.


Water heating costs in Jefferson County account for the second greatest household expense, following heating and cooling. Hoffmann Brothers, water heating specialist and an advocate of water conservation makes a few recommendations on saving water.


Make minor water conservation tweaks.

Prior to loading dirty dishes in the dishwasher, scrape or wipe plates and bowls. Rinse in cold water to conserve hot water. Run the dishwasher only when full.


Turn down the water temperature.

Lowering the temperature on the hot water heater to 120º degrees Fahrenheit reduces heating costs associated with heating water.


Replace the hot water heating system with an on-demand or tankless hot water heater. These systems save as much as $500 a month in annual winter water heating costs.


FACTOID: A tankless water-heating unit by Noritz lives twice as long as a standard hot water heater, saving hundreds of dollars a year in household water heating expenditures.


In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average household of four consumes more than 15 percent of residential indoor water use on showers. That's an approximate 40 gallons of water a day, in shower water.


Replace the home's kitchen and bathroom faucets with low flow faucet systems. In particular, shower and sink faucets, wearing the blue Water Sense ® / label—afford the greatest water conservation.


To minimize water waste and avert a gas water heater breakdown, follow the hot water storage system's flushing schedule as outlined in the manufacturer's owner manual (especially if your water is hard and does not use a water treatment system).


Since Missouri observes clean water laws, never try to save money by hiring a non-licensed plumber or water heating specialist in Jefferson County to administer plumbing repairs—as defined in Section 500.070 of Jefferson County's residential and commercial building code.


Jefferson County Building Code Section 500.070 reads as follows:


“No contractor shall perform plumbing work or hold itself out in any advertising medium or publication as being available to perform plumbing work unless licensed pursuant to this Section.”


Moreover, plumbing contractors and water heating contractors in Jefferson County have to maintain a current certificate of insurance (Section 500.230).


Hoffmann Brothers water heating specialists are licensed to serve Jefferson County households. Please redeem one of our coupon discounts on your next house call.






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Why Is My Water Heating System Not Making Hot Water?


St. Louis Pro Tells When to Repair or Replace a Hot Water Heater

Corrosion, sediment accumulation and/or hard water could be responsible for a hot water heating system not producing sufficient hot water. Hoffmann Brothers, a water heating contractor renowned for professional and affordable water heater service itemizes some of the causes of a failing hot water heater system.


A water leak will drastically hinder hot water flow from a Saint Louis home's hot water heating system to the faucet. If you notice a reduction in water flow, look around the base of the water heating system for indications of corrosion.


Once the telltale signs of a water leak are discovered, be prepared to replace the hot water tank.


Seize control of your water heater repair or replacement in Saint Louis, get started here.


If there are not any signs of a leak, the problem could be as simple as a blown circuit breaker. Always check the electrical outlet where the hot water heater is connected on an electric or gas powered furnace, first. Flip the switch on the circuit breaker assigned to the water heating system to see if it amends the water heating problem.


Hot water flow can also be impeded by a corroding hot water tank. Corrosion kills any water heating system, including tankless water heating systems. Regardless of how corrosive resistant a water heater is, condensation has the ability to accumulate within the system, dripping onto the burner behind the scenes.


Mineral deposits and hard water are common in St. Louis. Households without a water treatment system can obtain buildup in their water heater system. Mineral deposits such as magnesium and calcium wreak havoc on the average St. Louis City household's water heating and plumbing systems.


Making house calls 24-hours, seven days a week, Hoffmann Brothers Water Heating specialists diagnose, repair and replace water-heating systems. Please dial 314.664.8574, to schedule an emergency or standard water heating service call in Saint Louis.


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Critical Things to Know About Tankless Water Heaters


Webster Groves Water Heating Pro Talks the Basics.

If you’re a resident of Webster Groves and you have been considering investing in a tankless water heater (also referred to as an on-demand water heating system), you may want three basic questions, answered:


  • How does a tankless hot water heater work?
  • What makes an on-demand hot water heater energy efficient?
  • How much does an on-demand water heater cost?

How does a tankless water heating system work?

When someone in a household equipped with tankless water turns on the hot water faucet, several mechanisms take place behind the scenes. Here is how an on-demand water heating system works:


  1. 1)Water flows to the water heater.
  2. 2)The water flow sensor identifies this water flow.
  3. 3)From there, the computer automatically starts the burner.
  4. 4)Water traverses its way through the heat exchanger, where it circulates until it attains the designated hot water temperature.
  5. 5)As soon as the hot water tap is turned off, a tankless hot water system powers down until it is used again.


What makes an on-demand hot water heater energy efficient?

The way a tankless water heater works contributes to its energy efficiency, coupled with its design. For instance, dense, copper coated water lines enable an on-demand water-heating unit to retain heat using the least energy possible. And, unlike a standard water heating system that is constantly consuming energy, the on-demand, technology utilizes energy as needed—when needed.

How much does a tankless water heater cost?

Tankless water heaters start as low as $800, depending on the manufacturer. Sizing, the number of water connections and other water line specifications influence the cost of an on-demand hot water heater. However, the greatest cost of any tankless water heater is in the installation. An on-demand water heater involves indoor and exterior configuration, tankless water heaters are far more intricate than standard water heaters to install.


Secure a hassle free bid quote on a tankless water heater in Webster Groves MO >>here.



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Thanksgiving’s No Time for a Water Heater Breakdown


Thanksgiving is an inopportune time for the water heater, dishwasher, toilet and other plumbing connected to the water line to breakdown. Quite often plumbing fixtures show symptoms in a St. Clair County home, but many homeowners don’t recognize the symptoms of a malfunctioning

water heater.


How to tell when the water heater needs help?


The flame is gone.

Water heaters do not generate hot water if the blue pilot light is out. An unplugged electric water heater or a faulty circuit breaker can cause the flame on the water heater to go out. However, a faulty anode rod or other parts can also cause the water heater’s flame to go out.


Please dial (314) 664-8574 for immediate water heater service in St. Clair County.


Squealing and whining noises.

Although water heaters do not usually emit noises, a squealing or whining sound, when the hot water is running suggests a sediment build-up.


Small puddles.

Numerous pipes intersect the interior and exterior of a hot water heater. Gaskets, valves and seals protect against water leaks from water heating system’s pipes. Overtime, valves, seals and gaskets deteriorate, allowing a standard water heater to seep water. At the first indication of a puddle around the water heater, schedule a water heating appointment in St. Clair County.


Trickling hot water.

If your St. Clair County hot water supply has recently dwindled, it could be the dip tube. Inside a gas storage water heater, a dip tube stretches from the top to the bottom of the tank, moving cold water to the base, where the supply is heated. When the dip tube loosens, a home will not get adequate hot water. The interior leak is often hard for some water-heating specialists in St. Clair County to detect.


Leaking water heater.

A leaking water heater is the byproduct of three causes: rust, excessive pressure, and an aging hot water heater. Whether it’s a corroding, aging or over pressurized water heater, a leaking water heater generally calls for a water heater replacement. Review these details pertaining to water heater replacements in St. Clair County.


“We don’t just repair and replace water heaters. We supply the most energy efficient, long-lasting water heaters in St. Clair County,” acknowledges a customer service representative of Hoffmann Brothers Water Heating Specialists.


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St. Louis County: Does My Water Heater Need a House Call?


Water Heating Pro Describes an Ailing Hot Water Heater

A water heater specialist, licensed in St. Louis County describes the symptoms of an ailing water heater and when to call a water heater expert.      


What is the first symptom of a failing water heater?

A complication exists when the water heating system is unable to produce hot water. Overnight when hot water is not in use, a hot water heater recovers its supply. When St. Louis County homeowners notice that the system is not generating standard hot water supplies, a repair call is imminent.


What causes a hot water heater to stop generating hot water?

Several factors influence a hot water heater’s performance. Sometimes a faulty water heater is attributable to something as simple as the plug or a blown fuse. Electric water heaters do not generate hot water if the system is unplugged. Check the water heater’s plug to make sure the unit it is connected to an electrical outlet.


If the water heating system uses gas, check the pilot light. When a standard gas water heater is unable to maintain a blue flame, a repair call is necessary.


Sedimentary accumulation around the base of the hot water heater system hinders hot water supply throughout the home, as well as its energy efficiency. In situations where a St. Louis County water-heating specialist can flush out the unit, a hot water replacement is unnecessary. However, standard hot water heaters over the age of eight years old are often due for a replacement.


Is it normal for a gas water heater system to leak?

A leaky hot water tank is often the sign of corrosion, which impedes the hot water supply. These standard hot water repairs are time sensitive because leaking water promotes further water damage. In this scenario, schedule a hot water repair immediately and be prepared for a hot water heater replacement.


Contact St. Louis County’s water heating specialists at |(314) 664-8574 for all water heater repair and replacements.

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